Apocalypse of the Heart – Volume 1

In work for 2020 :

« Erwan looks at ghosts of the past as his sister in a destroyed Paris. Delphe tries to survive with the sound of a voice in her head that will change her destiny. Sève, nurse almost blindness, helps a community in a church and must choose to leave it by love. Which is the reality of every hero and who has the truth ? »

After a first novel skinned and a shuffled collection of sensitives texts with poetry, Janis Blake starts a trilogy of science-fiction in this volume 1. He gets inspired by Philip K. Dick with adding a post-apocalyptic touch. Janis gives a story of love in a universe where he keeps affection. We find also all his heart’s themes, and a dose of fun with a lot of references of his generation.

Apocalypse of the Heart will be translated from french and you can discover the prologue with the voice of Ksenia :